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Can mindfulness help companies thrive in times of turmoil?

Mindfulness for companies BK Post Jan 2018


This article was published today in the Bangkok Post and covers my research:

Imagine a typical day at the office. You wake up and leave the house early in the morning to avoid the traffic. The journey to work is a little hectic and then you work your way through a bunch of emails. You have to plan and manage projects and complex tasks concurrently. You’re forced to work faster and produce more results within less time, while being able to be creative and innovative. There are constant interruptions throughout the day, including unexpected telephone calls and instant messages from social media channels. You are required to coordinate with team members and other stakeholders from different cultures and time zones, and you attend one meeting after another. By the afternoon, perhaps you start to feel exhausted and restless. And then, to keep up with an ever-increasing workload, you continue to work late into the evening. By the time you leave work, there is a strong chance that you feel drained due to stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and frustration.

Source: Can mindfulness help companies thrive in times of turmoil?

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