“Take five minutes to follow the breath in and out immediately before going to sleep”. I was interviewed for this article in the latest issue of Yours magazine on sleeping well during times of crisis

(20 May 2020)

pen-1674849_960_720In the last week I’ve provided comments on vivid dreams during lockdown in TV & print media in 6 countries, including extensive coverage today in this Net Doctor article (republished on Yahoo Life)

(7 May 2020)

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pen-1674849_960_720I was interviewed for an article in yesterday’s print edition of The Independent about vivid dreams during the #lockdown – “On lockdown: Why sweet dreams are not made of this”

(6 May 2020)


pen-1674849_960_720I was on the Weekend Sunrise breakfast show on Australian national TV this morning discussing ‘quarandreams’ and sleep health (allow adverts and analytics to enable playback) 

(2 May 2020)



pen-1674849_960_720I was interviewed for this article in the Independent on why people are experiencing particularly vivid dreams during the lock-down

(28 April 2020)


pen-1674849_960_720I was interviewed for this family lockdown survival guide in today’s Daily Express

(20 April 2020)


pen-1674849_960_720I was featured four times on the national BBC News TV Channel over the weekend discussing the psychology of panic buying as part of a repeat of last week’s BBC Inside Out East Midlands episode


pen-1674849_960_720I was interviewed by BBC Radio Derby this morning (7.35am) about panic buying and why some people have been finding social distancing difficult


pen-1674849_960_720My latest article for the University of Derby blog is on: Why the Coronavirus Action Plan Should Include Psychological Wellbeing


pen-1674849_960_720I was on BBC East Midlands Today talking with Dominic Heale about the psychology behind why some people chance driving through flooded water


pen-1674849_960_720My latest article for Psychology Today is on: How to Find Your Non-Self


pen-1674849_960_720My video interview with New Thinking Allowed has just been released on my research into inverted hallucinations, which made the national news in more than 10 countries earlier this year

pen-1674849_960_720 My interview with psychologist Jeffrey Mishlove at New Thinking Allowed on my research into the benefits of emptiness meditation has just been released