“Mindful Warriors avoid being drawn into living a superficial soap opera and have the courage to embrace their innermost nature of peace, wisdom and compassion

“From my forthcoming book with Edo Shonin, published by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Why Everything We Perceive Is Always Out of Date

Why an Inferiority Complex Can Still Mean a Big Ego

My latest article for Psychology Today is on: 5 Tips for Teaching Mindfulness to School-aged Children

My work with Derbyshire Educational Psychology Service featured in three news articles yesterday (Florida News Times, Neuroscience News, Medical Xpress), which involved training 1000+ Derbyshire school pupils in mindfulness

pen-1674849_960_720My video interview with New Thinking Allowed has just been released on my research into inverted hallucinations, which made the national news in more than 10 countries earlier this year

pen-1674849_960_720 My interview with psychologist Jeffrey Mishlove at New Thinking Allowed on my research into the benefits of emptiness meditation has just been released