Dr William Van Gordon lectures and conducts research in psychology at the University of Derby. He is recognised as an international expert in the research and practice of meditation and mindfulness. William sits on the editorial board for various academic journals including Mindfulness and Mindfulness and Compassion. He has written several books and is co-editor of two academic volumes published by Springer Publications: (i) Mindfulness and Buddhist-derived Approaches in Mental Health and Addiction, and (ii) The Buddhist Foundations of Mindfulness. William has over 100 academic publications relating to the scientific study of meditation – including in journals such as the British Medical Journal, British Journal of General Practice, British Journal of Health Psychology, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, Frontiers in Psychology, Aggression and Violent Behaviour, and Mindfulness. Prior to joining academia, William was a Buddhist monk for ten years and he has previously worked in senior management roles for Marconi Plc, PepsiCo International, and Aldi Stores Ltd. In the case of this latter position, he had total operational responsibility for a £28 million portfolio of six supermarkets with over 60 employees. William regularly travels all over the world to give keynote speeches, lectures, and workshops on mindfulness and meditative practice.

Work featured in BottomLine

My work has been featured in BottomLine following an interview: https://bottomlineinc.com/health/fibromyalgia/europes-enlightened-fibromyalgia-approach-exercise-fewer-drugs

Can mindfulness help companies thrive in times of turmoil? Part 2

Last week we introduced mindfulness and the benefits of mindfulness training programs that have been offered to employees in corporations in the West. A mindfulness intervention called Meditation Awareness Training (MAT), introduced by Dr. William Van Gordon of the University of Derby (UK) is an example of research-based programs with great impacts on employee performance, … Continue reading

Meditation Awareness Training for Treating Workaholism

The University of Derby has just released a news article relating to a study I conducted that showed Meditation Awareness Training was an effective treatment for workaholism Source: Current news articles – Latest News – University of Derby