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The Winds of Change

The winds of change (1)

Gone, all is gone.

Nothing remains.
Completely alone.
Silence abounds.
Nothing to fight for.
No more doing.
No more being.
The path has been discarded.
How sublime to abide in nothingness.
Seeing beyond the reach of time and space.
Inexpressible in words.
Ah, such profound peace.
But all is not as it should be.
A strange wind blows.
A dark shadow encroaches.
Smothering being’s hearts.
Gathering the energy of the universe.
I shall turn the Wheel of Truth.
The shadow may encroach no further.
Not on my watch. Not on my watch.
Blessed by the wisdom of my forefathers.
I shall defeat all inner and outer obstacles.
Brilliant white light will shine throughout space and time.
Dispelling ignorance and hatred.
The harvest will be painfully small.
Most will fall and drown.
But some will inhale the breath of life.

Come now, there is much to do.


By Dr. Wiiliam Van Gordon, 2018

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